Labor and Employment Law

Attorney Natalie Bussan and Attorney Nicole Marklein are here to advise you during your next hiring, termination, benefits or other employment decision affecting your business. Rules regarding these matters are increasingly complex and often require legal consultation.


We assist businesses in all aspects of labor and employment law, including issues related to employee handbooks, policies and procedures, and contracts; discrimination; non-compete and confidentiality agreements; wage and hour law compliance; FMLA and other laws governing employee leave; unemployment insurance; and hiring and firing. Additionally, we advise businesses on issues related to independent contractors, as a number of state and federal laws apply different standards for treating individuals as employees instead of independent contractors.


We are local attorneys who want to help our local businesses succeed with reliable and prompt answers to their employee concerns at a reasonable cost, ensuring that businesses make their employment decisions fairly, and in accordance with the law.

In certain cases, we also represent employees. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by your employer, contact us for a consultation. Additionally, we also review severance agreements for employees if they do not work for our business clients. Take advantage of our experience to get the best possible deal that you can.


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