Top 3 Co-Parenting Apps for Divorced Parents

There is no doubt that co-parenting is a difficult journey. Luckily, there is a multitude of apps out there that can help to make it a better experience for everyone involved. The top three apps for co-parenting are…

1. Talking Parents

This app is best for high conflict parents. It allows parents to contact their ex-spouse from a hidden number. The app records and transcribes each call so that you have evidence if it is needed in court.

2. Our Family Wizard 

This platform is best for families that need financial help. It is the only co-parenting related app that offers discounts for military parents and parents who prove financial need. Military parents receive a buy-one-get-one-free deal with this app which allows both co-parents to have a subscription. Parents who show financial need get a one-year subscription free or at a discount.

3. Custody X Change 

This app is best for parents who are currently in the divorce process. It is the only co-parenting app that allows you to create a parenting plan. You and your ex-spouse can turn this plan in to the court to avoid trial. This app also calculates your planned parenting time and has the ability to track deviation from the schedule.

All the apps above offer a space to create your ideal parenting schedule, parent-to-parent messaging, and a place to store important child information, a child custody journal, and file storage. Since there is a variety of co-parenting apps to choose from, you need to choose the one that best fits your family’s needs. All the apps above offer free trials or money back guarantees, so feel free to try them all out with your co-parent before deciding which one is best for your family.