5 Divorce Do’s and Don’ts

Going through a divorce is always difficult, even if you know it is the best course of action for you and your children. While the process may not be completely painless, you can take steps to lessen the financial and emotional cost of divorce so it is as efficient as possible. Keep the following “do’s” and “don’ts” in mind as you embark on your divorce journey.

1. Don’t Use Your Children as Pawns

Divorce is hard enough on children even when both parents take steps to protect them. Avoid venting to your children about the other parent.

2. Do Disclose Your Assets and Debts

Hiding assets will almost always come back to bite you in a divorce. Getting caught will damage your divorce case and can even result in criminal charges if you take illegal actions to prevent your assets and debts from being disclosed.

3. Don’t Use Marital Assets Without Permission

The division of marital property is a critical issue in a Wisconsin divorce. It requires accurate accounting, so taking actions such as draining joint bank accounts can complicate the process or even be viewed as an act of theft.

4. Do Protect Your Mental Health

Neglecting your mental health and emotional wellbeing during your divorce can lead to long-term issues once your case is finalized. It is a good idea to keep to your normal routine as much as possible while cutting yourself some slack when you need it. After all, divorce is a major life change and it is normal to feel overwhelmed at times.

5. Do Follow the Law

The last thing you need is something like an OWI or assault charge hurting your case. Divorce is a complicated enough, so refrain from anything that will make it more complicated.

Bonus: Don’t Bash Your Ex on Social Media

It feels good in the moment, but venting about your ex on social media can come back to bite you in a divorce. In the eyes of a judge, it could be evidence that you are not doing everything you can to maintain an amicable relationship for the sake of your children. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

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