Top 3 Reasons to Have a Written and Signed Will

People often push off the act of writing a will until they think “it is time.” The truth is, writing your will should be placed at the top of your priority list because you never know when your time will come. Listed below are three reasons you need to be thinking about writing a will now.

1. To Protect Your Children

When you have children, you are making a lifelong commitment to nurture and provide for them. Once you pass away, you will no longer be able to physically perform those activities. Writing a will can ensure that your children are cared for by the best person available and that they are given anything you want them to have. If you do not write and sign a will before your death, the courts will be able to make these tough decisions for you without your input.

2. To Protect Your Assets

Your assets will also be divided up without your input if you do not create a will before your passing. Do not leave these important decisions up to the courts. Instead, create and sign a will today and provide your loved ones and heirs with peace of mind about what happens to your estate.

3. To Limit Exposure to Estate Taxes

Estate taxes can take an unnecessary share of your estate’s value if you do not take action to limit its taxable value. Having a valid will is the first step in making sure your estate goes mostly to your heirs and not the government.

It is never too early to make sure you have an estate plan in place. Our experienced estate planning lawyers would be happy to help you get started.